From OC to Coffee Land

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She may have become a household name from starring in the TV series the OC, but it’s her out and about coffee habit that gained out attention…:

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton is another celeb regularly seen in the streets doing her own thing, coffee in hand.

mischa_barton-iced-coffee mischa-barton-coffee

I doesn’t matter to us if it is an iced frappuccino or a cafe latte – Coffee is the essential ingredient.

Misha Coffee x2 Mishca Barton Coffee

Goodness, how’s this for a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf commercial:

mischa-barton-and-the-coffee-bean-and-tea-leaf-gallery coffee-bean-and-tea-leaf

But what seperates Mischa from all the other people on this blog… is her ingenuity – what gal (anyone want to upsize me?)


And this two items definitely go hand in hand.  The Dylan Book is a great read….




Simply Olgasmic Coffee

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Wow!  that is all there is to say – I want some of that Coffee!

Here is Olga Kurylenko, you know the babe from Hitman, or the femme fatal bent on revenge in Quantum of Solace, or perhaps recently as the warrior Etain in Centurion


If that didn’t make you want coffee….well, what can I say…

Olga Coffee

Julia Roberts – More Lucrative Coffee Drinking

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Julia Roberts, like her good friend and co-star in the Oceans movies (George Clooney)  Julia has been picked up by a Coffee company for a good ‘ol easy pay day…


And like George, finding an image of Julia drinking coffee isn’t easy – but we found a few

Julia and bub Julia Roberts Coffee


Jody Foster – Japanese Coffee Commercials

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Back in the early norghties Jody appeared on a Japanese coffee commercial…. hmmm cheese with your coffee anyone?

A True Coffee Lover – Al Pacino

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How do you know when you are in the presence of a true coffee lover…  Well lets see

1.  You might be out and about drinking coffee

Al Pacino Coffee Al with a Cafe Latte

2. You Direct and Star in a movie with the name “Chinese Coffee”   – Really he did – look:

3.  You star (a’la Mr Clooney) in a Coffee Commercial ( Australia ) – Not just one , a series of them…

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

part 4

Love your work Al!



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