Renee Zellweger Loves her Coffee!

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The most photographed celeb out and about with a coffee or two, or three, sometimes four after Brittany Spears would have to be Renée Zellweger!

renee zellweger coffee

Apart from some amazing roles for Renée for which we admire her talent, but really the only reason she is on this website is cause she too loves her Coffee!

Coffee-renee-zellweger Renée Zellweger coffee

This Oscar Winner is a real sport – talk about carrying the load when it comes to getting a Coffee for your mates!  Sometimes she has 2…

Renee with a handful of coffee

And there are times she is carrying 4…..

Renee Zellweger on her morning coffee run in Los Angeles.But a special award goes to Renee for the most coffee we have seen a celebrity photographed with:  WOW – A 5’ver!

Renee Zellweger goes to Starbucks in Venice Beach for an early morning coffee.So not only do you have a BAFTA, Oscar – now you can add the “Coffee-est” to you list… 😉



Edward, erhum Robert on Coffee

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Well amongst all the wedding rumors…. I am sure Robert Pattinson will take in his daily morning coffee and think… “So what”.

Robert Pattinson

Well if he’s not thinking that – I certainly am!  After all this is about famous people with Coffee and luck for those who swoon over Edward (er-hum) Robert – here’s a few with his favourate brew:

robert-pattinson robert-pattinson-donut coffee

Robs-morning-coffeeSorry … didn’t mean for that to rhyme,  but have obviously gone with it anyway.  Cheers!

A Monk that Loves Coffee

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OK – So good ‘ol Sophie Monk might not be as famous outside of Australia as she is in, but we love her… cause she loves Coffee.


So if you don’t know who Sophie Monk is – here is her IMDB profile:

She was in Date Movie, but is more famous for her music, she was a founding member of the band Bardot formed as a result of a reality TV show called Popstars.  She released a few songs – like this one – just like coffee, it gets inside… 🙂

Sophie Monk Door way coffee sophie-monk-cut-off-denim-jeans-coffee



Sophie injured?  Nah just Coffee Sophie Monk sexy coffee


Gotta Love the girl – she brings back Coffee for everyone



iMac movie… er-hum Gisele does Coffee

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Remember that iMac ad we showed in our Justin Long (Mac does coffee) post… well the beautiful iMovie was none other than international Model and recent Mom Gisele Bundchen!


Gisele Bundchen

Lucky for us Gisele loves coffee:



Jean Reno café

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Usually this Celeb is a tough, ruggard, Euro hardnut… today he is our celeb coffee hero – Jean Reno!

jean reno

I am betting he is enjoying something a lot better than what Starbucks offers! Maybe Coffee that tastes like, well Coffee!…. thanks Denis 😉

Jean Reno Coffee

Just plain civilized – only problem… wheres the chair and perhaps a table!

Jean-Reno coffee and paper

Simply Olgasmic Coffee

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Wow!  that is all there is to say – I want some of that Coffee!

Here is Olga Kurylenko, you know the babe from Hitman, or the femme fatal bent on revenge in Quantum of Solace, or perhaps recently as the warrior Etain in Centurion


If that didn’t make you want coffee….well, what can I say…

Olga Coffee

Jennifer Garner – Serious about Coffee

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AliasJennifer Garner is serious about her coffee and the planet.  Unlike celebs who advetise coffee, Jen did an advertisement for reusable filters  – for peculated coffee; we like the centiment …. but Perculated coffee – YUCK!!

Anywhoo here is Jen, drinking what we assume to be real coffee – you know, made from an Espresso machine.

Jen Garner Coffee Jennifer+Garner+Getting+Coffee

We would have included Ben Affleck, but he seems to drink more coke than coffee… ahh well.

JenniferGarner Coffee and baby Jennifer+Garner+Visiting+Luxe+Cafe+Santa+Monica+Coffe

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