Wow those Olsen twins can make a scene… they make the take away Starbucks “bucket o’ latte” look good.


Mary Kate Olsen Latte

Mary Kate

Back in 2008 there was a tabloid story started by a  local Starbucks Barista who gives the Olsen twins  full cream milk when the order is for “no-fat latte” cause the Barista thought they were too thin – hmmm not a good call.  The girls thought the story so silly they didn’t bother responding… ok so it might not be so.

Coffee Melbourne

It is amazing, these girls are super earners running an entertainment and now product oriented empire very focused on providing a Brand that promotes loyalty.  When it comes to their daily brew their brand loyalty definitely goes to Starbucks, even if there might be a Barista there that might be an opinionated, fat spiking no fat latte, attention seeker.

Ashley Olsen coffee

We love our coffee, and it seems so do today’s Celebs with Coffee – The Olsen Twins