In our tireless search for coffee loving celebrity photos on the net; Britney spears will have to take the award as the most photographed celeb with coffee.

Better days Britney Spears

Here are some examples of what we are talking about….. (I stress samples cause there are just waaaaay too many photos of Britney with some kind of coffee)… but here are some from the Starbucks file :

Starbucks Celeb Queen Britney Spears britney spears Coffee

More Starbucks Brit

Actual video footage of endless clicking of the good ‘ol Paparazzi – when poor coffee loving Brit, just wants her iced frappachino…

OMG!  Brit with a different brand of coffee, and it looks like something that might be hot too…. not quite the same as the iced cup stuff we are use to seeing.

Thats not Starbucks!

But when it comes to some Recent Brit sophistication, we can rely on some coffee cup action from the hotel:

Britney Spears leaves Perth hotel coffee in hand

When it comes to your love for Coffee Britney, we at CelebswithCoffee are right there with ya… hey after all this coffee talk – cafe latte time!