Does she drink coffee? Yes She Does – Vanessa Hudgens

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Whether it be High School Musical, her relationship (or non) with Zac Efron, or what movie might be in production,


Vanessa Hudgens, may have become famous for these things – but she is here – cause he loves her Coffee:

vanessa-hudgens-coffee-bean hudgens.vanessa coffee

Vanessa Hudgens Coffee special

And when it comes to going out for your take out or to go coffee, Vanessa wins our doin it with style award

vanessa_hudgens-coffee vanessa-hudgens-rebecca-minkoff-handbag and Coffee!


Seriously there is a tonne of photos of Vanessa on the move with her favorite stimulant.  Gotta love the girl for having good taste…

Coffee Hudgens vanessa-hudgens-afternoon coffee

Hmmm, now here’s how to make Ice Coffee look HOT!  Smoooken!




Coffee Bean Celebs – Video

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Since starting this blog, I am finding it amazing how there appears to be two definitive camps when it comes to getting their favorite stimulant – Starbucks Coffee or the Coffee Bean and Teal Leaf

This little treat is a a video slideshow of Celebs who love getting their Coffee from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (or just Coffee Bean these days…)

Fairly cool little visual treat – music isn’t bad either.

Mark Wahlberg Where are the Good Vibrations – Yeah Coffee!

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Whoa, when the man formally known as “Marky Mark” isn’t putting together a movie – his last released being The Fighter, he gets around to his coffee.

The Fighter Movie Poster Mark Wahlberg

Achtung!  We now know where Mark Wahlberg got is good Vibrations…. Yeah – Coffee!

Coffee Mark Wahlberg Getting Coffee

Wow – now I don’t think I am man enough to get around in a Mauve sweater.  Not even to get a Coffee!

Mark stops for coffee

From OC to Coffee Land

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She may have become a household name from starring in the TV series the OC, but it’s her out and about coffee habit that gained out attention…:

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton is another celeb regularly seen in the streets doing her own thing, coffee in hand.

mischa_barton-iced-coffee mischa-barton-coffee

I doesn’t matter to us if it is an iced frappuccino or a cafe latte – Coffee is the essential ingredient.

Misha Coffee x2 Mishca Barton Coffee

Goodness, how’s this for a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf commercial:

mischa-barton-and-the-coffee-bean-and-tea-leaf-gallery coffee-bean-and-tea-leaf

But what seperates Mischa from all the other people on this blog… is her ingenuity – what gal (anyone want to upsize me?)


And this two items definitely go hand in hand.  The Dylan Book is a great read….



Supernatural Jared Padalecki – Coffee

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Ahh well, why not round off this weekend with the other half of the Supernatural duo – Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam Winchester in the hit TV series – Supernatural.

Jared Padalecki

On stage with Jensen Ackles and Jim Beaver – Jared the only one with coffee has a little mishap at around the 20sec mark – worth a look:

When on break – it appears that the choice of champtions is right on side with Jared – get your Coffee here~!

Jared on set with Coffee jared-padalecki-supernatural-coffee-break

Including this last image – just cause I think it’s kinda cool… :


Supernatural Jensen Ackles – Coffee

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This little blogger absolutly enjoyes the TV hit show – Supernatural.  Jensen Ackles in this show as Dean Winchester is either drinking beer or the brew – Coffee.

Jensen Ackles

But the question is in real life – does Jensen Ackles do Coffee?  Yup…

Jensen Ackles Take away Coffee

On Supernatural:

Jensen Ackels Coffee

But my Favorite is when he does stage events at fan gatherings or conferences – well why not talk to an audience full of fans and drink your favorite stimulant – Coffee:

Jensen Ackles Cofee

Jensen Ackels Coffee StageNice one.


Renee Zellweger Loves her Coffee!

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The most photographed celeb out and about with a coffee or two, or three, sometimes four after Brittany Spears would have to be Renée Zellweger!

renee zellweger coffee

Apart from some amazing roles for Renée for which we admire her talent, but really the only reason she is on this website is cause she too loves her Coffee!

Coffee-renee-zellweger Renée Zellweger coffee

This Oscar Winner is a real sport – talk about carrying the load when it comes to getting a Coffee for your mates!  Sometimes she has 2…

Renee with a handful of coffee

And there are times she is carrying 4…..

Renee Zellweger on her morning coffee run in Los Angeles.But a special award goes to Renee for the most coffee we have seen a celebrity photographed with:  WOW – A 5’ver!

Renee Zellweger goes to Starbucks in Venice Beach for an early morning coffee.So not only do you have a BAFTA, Oscar – now you can add the “Coffee-est” to you list… 😉


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