With today being Australia day and all – In Australia she is often referred to in the media as “Our Nic” married of course to another famous Australian in Keith Urban and they loooove their coffee!

Nic and Keith Coffee Shop

Nichole has been quoted “Keith [Urban] and I love coffee. I love the foam more than the coffee. I will go and order a cappuccino and say, make it all foam and very little coffee. They know me now at the Starbucks in Nashville”.

We wonder what coffee Nic would enjoy at home….

coffee at home with Nic

Surely nothing Scott Bacula would advertise…..

This blog isn’t into criticism of coffee or coffee houses, but hey if you love Starbucks then so be it.  In Australia we think she would prefer a beautiful coffee from 65 Degrees with beans roasted by Gridlock Coffee – but being a girl from Sydney; she would have to visit Melbourne for a really good coffee!

Oh and on this Australia Day – Congratulations Nic on your Oscar nomination (2011)